Extended Stocking For Pheasants

Changes in 2018: This year, the DEEP will purchase a total of 20,000 adult pheasants. 

We will be stocking 4 extra weekends this year. The first will be for Junior Pheasant Hunter Training Day on October 13, 2018. On this weekend, approximately half of the areas statewide will be stocked (see Link below for a complete list).  Based on pheasant hunter survey results, we also will be stocking birds for the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the first two Saturdays in December, weather permitting, on roughly half of our areas each week.
AREA Changes:
Some birds will be stocked at Franklin WMA, Mad River Dam, and Pease Brook WMA.
Like last year, birds will not be stocked at Cockaponset SF, Pootatuck SF, Roraback WMA, and Woodstock PR Area.