Our Purpose

To develop an interest in the conservation and propagation of fish and game.

To assist in every feasible manner the restocking of the land, streams, and ponds of this vicinity with game birds, animals, and fish in an honest effort to help nature restore a balance.

To cooperate with other groups of sportsmen throughout the state in an effort to secure better legislation for their protection and through education to promote better compliance with our laws.

To establish and maintain cordial relations between the sportsman and the landowner that we may work jointly for the conservation and protection of wildlife.

To instill a true spirit of sportsmanship among its members.


There is a winter skeet league and during the summer we do a skeet, trap and pistol league.

Hall Rental/Bar

We have a 75 seat capacity hall that can be rented with a full kitchen, air conditioner and full service bar and newly renovated bathrooms.



Executive officers consist of a president, vice president, treasure, and secretary elected each year. The board of directors is made up of 12 directives elected for 3 year terms, rotating 4 board members each year. Board of directors meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month except for July and August when meetings are suspended. The annual meeting take place in January.