CCDL Endorsed Candidates

The Executive Committee of CCDL endorses the following August 14th Republican Primary candidates:
Governor – Tim Herbst
Lieutenant Governor – Joe Markley
Attorney General – Sue Hatfield
State Treasurer – Art Linares
The following video/audio was the Tim Herbst response to Lee Elci’s question on the 2nd Amendment. The question came at the debate which was held at Mohegan Sun on July 12th.
It is worthwhile to watch: Click Here for Video
This video/audio is the address that Tim Herbst gave to several hundred CCDL members on July 10th at the monthly CCDL meeting. his speech was excellent, and it earned him a standing ovationClick Here for Video 
Also attached. Please review the Tim Herbst flyer that is being sent out to likely 2nd Amendment supporters that is attached to this email as well.
To Warren and to all New London/Windham County League Members, I am encouraging those of you who care about who our next governor may be, to show up on Primary Election Day on August 14th and vote for Tim Herbst and the other endorsed CCDL candidates.
I encourage and I am hopeful that each club that is a part of the league will share this email in its entirety to all the members in every club that is a part of this league. This primary is crucial for the 2nd Amendment rights movement. 
Best Regards,
Scott Wilson Sr.
CCDL, Inc.