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  1. Good day~ I represent a group of young professional women who would like to arrange for a single introductory skeet shooting group class sometime the weekend of May 30-June 1. There are between 5-9 of us who will be available depending on the time. We have no gear or supplies but are willing to share if rental gear is limited. Some of us have limited intro. experience (and loved it!) but most will have had none. Would Norwich Fish & Game or one of the members be able to help us arrange this? With thanks for any assistance, Michelle M., Niantic

    1. Hi
      Saw your comment about the class. I will bring it before the board of directors and the skeet chairmen at our next meeting. Which is march 4. Could other women who are not in your group participate? They will probably have more questions for you also. Thanks.


  2. Lots of cardboard in the range box in the pistol range, no need to staple to the target stands, maybe there needs t be a sign on the box or in the schedule frame box

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